You don’t have to travel internationally to be ‘well-travelled’…

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Many of us are under the assumption that to be ‘well-travelled’ means to have travelled to many different countries, been immersed in many different cultures and probably even had at least one horrifying incident with bed bugs.

However, for many of us, the prospect of international travel is just not viable (at this stage anyway).
Maybe that’s because of money, maybe career development, university studies, familial commitments…the list goes on.

For whatever reason, we never quite get to the ‘Booking Confirmed’ page on our internet browser.

It can be really hard watching all of your peers set off on international adventures, especially when those adventures are splashed all over your Facebook and Instagram feeds as they unknowingly (or maybe not unknowingly!) rub our faces in it.

It can leave you feeling like you are wasting your life and that before you know it, you’ll be old and everyone around you will have these amazing tales you tell… everyone except you.

But you’re not old yet, and in the meantime, there are so many travel opportunities right on your doorstep. Literally!

Image from one of the wonderful @fitbackpacker - Find her on Instagram!
Image from one of the wonderful @fitbackpacker – Find her on Instagram!

Many of us take these travel opportunities for granted and in doing so, end up spending every weekend binge-watching Netflix, going out and drinking too much or catching up on the housework we have put off the week before.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

See your home town through new eyes. Book a flight to the next state over. Rent a car and have a roadtrip with your closest friends.

There are so many different experiences that you can have at home, if you just open your mind up to the possibility.
We have a tendency to write-off travel within our own countries as we want to travel further, and for longer. But sometimes that is just not an option.

Image from the chilled @mareyne - Find her on Instagram!
Image from the chilled @mareyne – Find her on Instagram!

It is so easy to fall into the pattern of ‘later’. I’ll go later, see it later, another day, another year. But time slips away and before you know it, you have moved and the tourists have seen more of the beauty of your home town than you ever did.

So instead of whiling away your time in front of your laptop, or phone, browsing for the cheapest flight and wondering if you have any annual leave left – plan a weekend away. If you’re sick of seeing travel photos of your peers popping up in your Facebook and Instagram newsfeed every week, go out and make your own memories.

Become well-travelled in your own country. Check out the tourist attractions. Go on a walking tour and learn about your city. Visit the iconic natural beauties.

Image from cutie @nisamson - Find her on Instagram!
Image from cutie @nisamson – Find her on Instagram!

If you haven’t seen all of the places in your home country that the tourists come here to see, have you really appreciated the place for what it has to offer?

How could you ever say you are well-travelled, if you haven’t really seen your home?

Don’t let your comfort and nonchalance rob you of an opportunity to see everything the world has to offer.

Take a hike, ladies.

Image from the adventurous @itchainwanderland - Find her on Instagram!
Image from the adventurous @itchainwanderland – Find her on Instagram!

2 Responses

  1. Lena

    Absolutely agreed! Every corner of the world has its hidden gems. A lot of times we overlook them, blinded by other countries and spots. One time I was hiking in New Zealand with four other hikers from the US. We were all speechless at the sight of NZ natural beauty, and discussed this one place with some insane geological activity, where the land is of different colors. Then one guy said: this is number two place in the world in geological activity. Do you know what’s number one? Yellowstone, which is in the country all five of us live!! And none of us saw!!! We came all across the Earth to see #2??

  2. Melanie van Egdom

    You are exactly right! We always look to foreign lands thinking that they will be more exciting because they are unfamiliar, but in doing that we forget that there is so much that is unfamiliar in our own countries!

    Hahahah oh my gosh that is a funny story!! I hope you have since been to Yellowstone!! I am a 3 hour flight away from NZ but I have to admit that Yellowstone has been more on my radar, so I am guilty of that too!!

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