Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Corporate Job

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Our generation is more obsessed than ever with having a fulfilling career, and that’s great. But it seems that the idea of ‘fulfillment’ only comes in one form. One where you have to quit your corporate job.

To elaborate, this form of fulfillment is comprised of the shirking of all responsibility, living nomadically and turning our nose up at any sort of corporate job. We are told that the corporate world is soul sucking, that if we stay in our desk job we are destined for depression, a mid-life crisis and finally, a death-bed realisation as to the mediocracy of our life.

Photo from @ericacantor - no mediocracy here!
Photo from @ericacantor – no mediocracy here!

In this age of comparison it seems that everyone is happier, more fulfilled and in a better job than yourself. They’re working remotely, bartending in some eclectic city, hosting scuba dives off tropical islands or group tours around Europe.

We have influential bloggers telling us how to live, condemning life spent in a cubicle as if anyone who has ever worked in the corporate world has had exactly the same experience.

AS with travel, no two people ever have the same experience... Photo from @blondie_brunette_trips
AS with travel, no two people ever have the same experience… Photo from @blondie_brunette_trips

Yeah, there are jobs in the corporate sphere that will leave you feeling like life is just a cycle of working, eating and sleeping until you die, but if this is how you feel at work – it’s probably time for a new job.

The best piece of career advice that I have ever been given is to pick an industry that you love and go from there. Find something you are passionate about and job hop or work your way up the ladder until you land in the position that makes you feel invigorated.

As Steve Jobs put it, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

Love by @shotbyrader
Love by @shotbyrader

Being excited for work seems like a foreign concept to most of us. The struggle of the 9-5 seems inevitable and living for the weekend seems normal…

But what if it wasn’t?

This generational change is really powerful. We are learning that we don’t have to stay in a job that we hate, just because it’s a job. Many of us are looking for excitement rather than money. The generations before us scoff and label us as being entitled, as we refuse to settle into a job for the next 30 years.

We want fulfilment. We want excitement. We want passion and prosperity. We are the generation that refuses to settle into a miserable state of being just to get by. It is as empowering as it is daunting.

Perhaps not as daunting as sitting here though... Photo by @girlilikoi
Perhaps not as daunting as sitting here though… Photo by @girlilikoi

But this demonising of the corporate sphere is problematic because when we do this, we don’t bother to consider the jobs that might actually be a perfect fit for us.

There are corporate jobs that give you the money to do what you want with your life, that give you the opportunity to thrive in your area of interest and to create change in your industry. Because of the vast amount of prospects within the corporate sphere, you have the chance to mould your career into something that you are truly proud of.

So don’t do yourself a disservice by considering the condemnation of the corporate world as indisputable.

Whatever sort of career you want, it is up to you to make it happen. Fulfilment in your job can be found regardless of if you work for big business, small business, your own business, remotely, freelancing… the list goes on.

You really can have everything. You can even feel entitled to have everything. But you have to work, work, work, work, work for it. Maybe even in an office job, an office job that you love.

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