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A career as a flight attendant is one of the most obvious choices for people who want an international career.
Flying to a new destination every week sounds like the ultimate way to satisfy an insatiable appetite for wanderlust!

There are more options than becoming a commercial flight attendant though!

Like becoming a corporate flight attendant!
Wait – what is a CORPORATE flight attendant? Never heard of it? I’m not surprised!

Pictured: Corporate flight attendant Erin Marie! Click the photo to visit her Instagram profile!

A corporate flight attendant is a flight attendant that works for companies that operate private jets.

It means you may be flying with celebrities, important government officials (think presidents and prime ministers!), royalty or even pets! PLUS sometimes they are lucky enough to have an empty leg… IE. A flight on a luxury aircraft all to yourself!

So, what does a corporate flight attendant do? Well, it is safe to say that you will never have a boring day at work!
Each day will be filled with different jobs and you will have to research your customers to find out what their likes and dislikes are – down to food, wine and flowers, you will have to deliver first class service in cabin service, be able to schedule flawlessly and also be trained in first aid and the aviation knowledge required of commercial flight attendants.

Being a corporate flight attendant might be the answer for you if you can answer YES to the following questions…

Can you imagine a career that literally flies you all around the world?
Are you creative and flexible with a love for dealing with new people? EVEN the difficult ones? (Because celebrities right?)
Do you thrive on problem solving and love having a million things going on around you?
Would you like a career that doesn’t tie you down to one place for an extended period of time?

These questions give you an inkling as to what sort of things you will encounter if you intend to pursue a career as a corporate flight attendant. If they have got you thinking, and perhaps a little excited – then maybe it is something worth thinking about!

You will be the eternal globetrotter, being flown to all sorts of remote destinations that will provide you with the best dinner table stories and be the envy of all your friends.

If this appeals to you, then maybe becoming a corporate flight attendant is your calling!

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