How to travel part time when you have a full time job…

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How are you able to travel so often? Do you have a job? How many vacation days do you have?

Those are just a few of the questions I get asked on a regular basis. Yes I have a job and I have 3 weeks worth of vacation days a year. I travel because I love exploring, finding new adventures, seeing new places and quite honestly, I make it my number one priority.

Do not let your full time job be the reason you don’t travel! Travel part time!


It’s possible to have fulfilling days of adventures without traveling full time. True, waking up to go to a 9-5 desk job everyday is not ideal but having a career that I enjoy provides me with a lifestyle that I love. I like having a steady income while saving up for all my travels. If you currently have a full time job you enjoy but also love to travel, here are a few tips that can help you travel the world also!

Budget vacation/leave days

This is important! Vacation days are valuable so use them wisely. Budget your vacation time the same way you would budget your finances. Save them for larger trips and plan how you will use them. I try to use my vacation days along with public holidays because it saves me from using an extra day.

Longer vacations are better vacations...
Longer vacations are better vacations…

Make the best use out of Holidays

As mentioned above, I like to use my paid holidays with my vacation days. If that is not an option, take a long weekend trip somewhere closer. Living in San Francisco, there are many places around that are only a 1-2 hour plane ride away! In most cases, traveling during the holidays can be more expensive but always plan ahead by saving and looking out for travel deals.

Go on weekend trips/road trips

Traveling does not require getting on a plane or going somewhere international. Traveling consists of finding adventures in your own town! Spend the weekend exploring your city or take a weekend trip to that beach or town an hour away that you haven’t been able to visit. Go explore places near by, there are always new places and hidden gems to check out where you’re living!


Work remotely

Some of us may be lucky enough to be able to work remotely. If that is the case, ask your boss if you can do this for a day or two. Work while you’re flying to your destination or flying back. This way you will not have to use the extra vacation days! If your job allows you to travel for work, use that to your advantage! Explore the city you’re in and ask to stay through the weekend. Your flight is already paid for isn’t it?

Sign Up For Travel Deal Sites

It’s never a good feeling when you hear someone say I found a deal to Hawaii for $300!! That is an example of what I’ve experienced many times in my life. I’m always bummed when I find out about these deals too late. Don’t get me wrong! I’ve found quite a few great deals myself and that’s why I encourage everyone to sign up for all travel sites that will notify you of great deals near you. Travelzoo and The Flight Deal are my personal favorites!


Use Rewards

Reward programs are great ways to help fund travels! ALWAYS sign up for airline rewards!! Most airlines offer mileage programs and if you fly often, free flights!! We all want free flights right? There are also many travel/hotel reward companies that offer points for booking through the company site such as expedia, orbitz and Reward credit cards are also a great way to discount travels. You’re already spending money on flights, hotels, and other expenses on a regular basis, so being able to find a credit card that is right for you will benefit future travels.

Do you have a job that allows you to travel the world part-time? Share your comments below!



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3 Responses

  1. Kelly | A Pair of Passports

    Great post! We follow a lot of these same methods to squeeze in as much travel as possible. And being based in London helps, of course! It makes me so sad when people think they can’t travel because they have a job.

  2. Jackie

    Yes to all of this! I love to travel, but I love my job and the stability it provides me even more. I’m blessed with the ability to work remotely, I get a lot of paid time off (more than I can realistically use), and I have the option to travel for my company once a quarter (and tacking on a short vacation to those trips is encouraged). I still have quite a bit of student loan debt, but I have really gotten into hoarding frequent flyer miles and hotel points through my work travel and credit card spending. I realize that many companies don’t offer most of these benefits outright, but these are some things that could be negotiated. My employer is aware that happy/fulfilled employees are more engaged in their work and tend to stay around longer. It’s a win-win situation for all!

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