Baby Steps

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Introducing Kat for our guest post this week:


I’m 24 years old. I’m currently building my first house with my boy best friend, and in less than six months I get to marry him on what will be our seven-year anniversary. Together we have two kids under three and two large, energetic dogs. I can see how writing that could be perceived as gloating, ticking all the boxes of The Great Australian Dream, but in actual fact I feel quietly defensive. When I meet new people I often concoct counter arguments in my mind just incase they judge me for my current place in life. I’m forever fighting this need to prove myself. I can feel it in my toes – that itching restless twitch, I can feel it in my heart and it weighs on me, every day. I try my very best to drown it in Netflix and junk food but that only lasts for so long before I inevitably reach the same conclusion – I need to figure out what it is I’m trying to prove, to whom I’m trying to prove said thing to, and actually do something about it or condemn myself to continue feeling this way.

I think if I were to have an identifier it would be that I’m always formulating a new life plan, a new adventure, usually with such unbridled enthusiasm that I feel the overpowering urge to tell all friends, family, and passersby. (Insert all of the caps lock, exclamation marks and relevant emojis here!) I’m a dreamer but I’ve always known three things to be true; I want to work for myself, I want to work in the design industry and I want to be able to travel freely. All of which directly contradict our discovering my pregnancy at 21 years of age. I worried that people would judge me for being too young or irresponsible. Judge me for not going after my dreams. But when I peed on that little white stick in the hotel room 17,200kms away from home and boyfriend, little did I know that the only person to judge me would be myself.

So there it is. I’ve spend so many years getting overly excited by planning extravagant escapades and now I’ve found myself doing the exact opposite – having babies, getting married and putting down roots. So Hallmark! I just want to remind myself that by no means does that mean that I’m settling. Not for anything or anyone, ever.

Starting a family doesn’t have to be a step backwards, it’s just a step to the side – a different kind of adventure! Even though my Instagram may be filled with squares of my babies right now, while others my age are filled with beautiful sceneries and druken nights out – that’s not all my life is. I’m coming to realise you can have both dreams – family and a life of travel, without forsaking the other.

I’m 24 and I have two kids, two dogs and an almost house – and in March I’m leaving it all behind to go away for a few weeks with my boy best friend to get hitched in Vegas. Who says you can’t have it all?

I say you can. And I’m going for it!

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Kat Wood is LGG’s regular guest contributor having travelled extensively throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand. She is now an emerging columnist for the lifestyle industry covering topics ranging from her global escapades to the trials and triumphs that motherhood brings her.

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