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It’s laughable how many times I’ve deactivated Facebook and declared a social media cleanse is integral for my mental health and general well being. I’m missing magical moments with my kids, I say. It’s just full of people complaining about everything, I say. I’m wasting hours blatantly disregarding my own life for an article about the some celebrity I don’t even like, I say.

By banishing social media I’ve rediscovered my moral high ground. I’m going to own this parenting business and life, I tell myself. Look at me go, ahead of the bell curve, breaking away from the norm, no conforming here, totally empowered. Stuff you social media! I am an inspiration! People will have to write about me instead, I just don’t have the time – I’m fancy and busy doing things!

I am unstoppable.

Photo by the determined @itchainwanderland - Check out her Instagram!
Photo by the determined @itchainwanderland – Check out her Instagram!

Just imagine how many people out there are doing an excellent job, every single day with no one documenting it. Parents who are cooking, cleaning, making things, keeping small people alive, being outside, remembering to eat / shower / clothe themselves. That’s a spectacular feat in itself! But I don’t know about them because they don’t edit their photos with the right filter, or take them from the right angle to be pushed around the interwebs by other aspiring “hands-on” mothers who are also, like me, wasting their time with their hands-very-much-on Facebook, sharing parenting advice / doing quizzes / stalking old friends and avoiding their responsibilities. I could be one of those quiet achievers. I will be! From now on, I totally am.

And suddenly I feel like a unicorn.

Without having to check Facebook every 5 minutes I could actually try some of those 40,000 DIY experiments I pinned a while back. Something that’s actually worth Instagraming! Maybe if I practice I can get really good at making one particular thing, and finally open that Etsy store! Income from home, that’s the dream! I’ll be so rich! Without having to check Facebook I could do meal prep, have a stoked freezer and maybe go without feeding my kids through a drive thru window this week. I could be healthy! I could get fit! And when I am fit, I can start making clothes from all the patterns stuffed in the depths of my craft / mess cupboard that I continue to buy with the best intentions but never get around to using.

Photo by the lovely @readtosuzanne - Check our her Instagram!
Photo by the lovely @readtosuzanne – Check out her Instagram!

Ohhh, I will conquer it all! Look at me go! I’m feeling so inspired I should post about it on Facebook, you know, try to motivate some other people. Start a revolution! It’s a public service really! Maybe I’ll spend just 10 minutes looking for crafts on Pinterest to really hone in on this enthusiasm. Just hold on, I’ll update my Snapchat story so that my friends have proof that I’ve really done it.

I’ve gotten rid of social media from my life.

Oh, wait.

I’m sick of missing things! I’m scared I’ll miss other people living their lives on Facebook – someone had a baby, someone bought a new couch, or a can of fizzy drink from the corner shop. My friends will forget I exist if I’m not on there all the time, but in doing so I’m missing the most important people and things right in front of my face on a daily basis. It comes with the most unbelievable guilt, I feel sick to my stomach when I think about the look my son gives me when I miss something he deems worthy of enthusiasm on my part. That alone is enough for me to find a new way. It’s not going to be easy, in all honestly I think social media is an addiction, it shades the way we see everything, alters our behavior according to what’s trendy to the point I’m not even sure what my own interests are anymore. I’m not sure how to do it – but I’m going into 2016 with the intention of less screen time.

Is this a problem for you? If so, how do you tackle it?
Let us know in the comment section!

Photo of the wonderfully talented guest contributor @kat___w - Check our her Instagram!
Photo of LGG’s wonderfully talented guest contributor @kat___w – Check our her Instagram!

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